What is all this M.A.D.ness about?

M.A.D - ness

           What happens when a non-religious Lithuanian girl, who is actually Russian, meets a French guy, who actually has been born in Comoro Islands, and who is Muslim? Oh! First of all, a love story that has been going on for two years. It all started with the word “shit”, as Kamal’s  rejection to love at first sight. Second of all, a beautiful relationship is established, spiced up by all the cultural differences. So eventually “shit” turned into the word “m.a.d”, as the love was not rejected, but still seemed to be too crazy to be true! Imagine a blend of Russian, French, Lithuanian, African, Islamic and non-religious influences – a true explosive mixture! Despite all these cultural differences in the relationship, love is still in the air! And lastly “m.a.d” stands for “making a difference” as the motto of our life style.

            The M.A.D Project is born out of the union of this very multicultural couple. We believe that cultural differences are to be cherished and respected because it is the essence of humanity.  Our goal is to encourage a cultural understanding between the Islamic World and the West through art. In our local level we aim to promote the beauty and diversity of Muslim majority countries and contribute to put an end to political agendas that lead to intolerance and hatred. We refuse to be enemies!

What about you?

           We start our M.A.D. Project by traveling through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Tunisia, Egypt and Israel and drowning ourselves in a multicultural and diverse world with its smells, colors, sounds feelings and encounters! Follow us on our adventures through South East Asia and Middle East and discover together with us!

Mikhail Gorbachev

“Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences”


3 responses to “What is all this M.A.D.ness about?

  1. Beautiful!There’s no better message! I am already hooked on the fist installments – keep us updated!!….looking forward to hear more from your M.A.D adventures as it develops. A great project which shows that what we keep calling “compromises” on our respective identities are actually forms of sharing, developping and growing as human beings…

    And well done for putting your ethos into practice!!!

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