“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho

From our preparations in Lithuania to our arrival here in Bali, people have always been and are still our driving force and our source of inspiration.

Indre Vileite and Giedre Birzyte (African days organisers)

We meet people that right away become good friends, such as Giedre, the main organizer of the excellent African days in Lithuania, a well-organized, inspiring event, that went beyond the exotic approach of many other events related to Africa ;

With Mawuna

Mawuna R. Koutonin, a young Togolese entrepreneur whose words and advice are always very stimulating. He also offered us a premium package on his “goodbuzz” website ( which is an efficient social network for grassroots organisations working for global peace who want to promote their events and get connected with like minded NGO’s and people.

Mykolas is also one of those people who felt directly in connection with the project and it seems that we gonna have mutually beneficial cooperation and who knows how big this cooperation will grow?

Couchsurfing ( and people that we meet through it are definitely worth a whole paragraph! Being  generously hosted, fed and helped with advices, showing way through, sharing ideas about multiculturalism and vision for the better world has been a great source of both inspiration and energy to move further. Eveliene kindly hosted us in the Haague, Stefan shared his beautiful apartment in Amsterdam; Klaas, Giedre, Maan and Hippie made us fall in love with Haarlem!

With Eveliene in the Haague

Hippie from Haarlem

Klaas and Giedre in Haarlem

We also  have those who simply offer their smiles and encouragement, wishing us the best of luck for our, this also means a lot to us.

Finally the “friends for ever” who will be always there for the tough and good moments for any kind of support.

Ruta, Mantas and Inga

Juste and Innocent

Listy, Kamal & Agnes

Here we are in Bali, giving out all those positive vibes, getting back as much from local people starting with these two lovely girls, Agnes and Listy, who had been hosting us warmly at their humble house, cooking for us amazing Indonesian food, traveling with us around and making sure that things go right. we hope that this is just the beginning of a great adventure where all these people and more will keep being inspiring and inspired then maybe one day unite their qualities and talents for different great causes.

Each of the person we meet is a unique story, a whole universe to be discovered and appreciated, it is a great pleasure for us to get to know at least a little bit of each one we meet and truly, many life stories deserve to be put in a separate exciting book. Thank you for all, who were mentioned here, and for sure the list will grow bigger and faster; thank you for those who are not mentioned directly but nonetheless mean a lot for us!


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