Why M.A.D.ventures start in Bali?

 If you read what is the M.A.D. project about, you might wonder – why it all starts in Bali? Aren’t you interested in Islamic countries? Isn’t Bali a Hindu island of otherwise islamic Indonesia? Yes, indeed! Bali is a home for Indonesia’s religious minority – Balinese hindus. And that IS exactly the perfect place to start our research about islamic majority countries. About 92 percent of Balinese are hindu’s (a special Balinese hinduism). So why here? Because this island is a perfect example of many cultural influences – starting with ancient animism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and touristism 🙂

Bali is also well known for its highly developed cultural life, where all those mentioned cultures are blended finely together and where contemporary art lives side by side with long time lasting traditions.

So Bali it is! A very unique island, perfect to start our M.A.D.ventures and ideal for experiencing an overwhelming amount of art!


One response to “Why M.A.D.ventures start in Bali?

  1. رائع جدا‎ – Absolutely fantastic, so much love and the best of luck to the beautiful two MAD ones
    Bibi! See you somewhere in the world again I’m sure and I hope!
    Bon Chance and saugus Kelionės

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