the map

Preparing ourselves for

Starting our in islamic majority countries in pursue of art and artists for our cultural understanding initiative, we created a little map-plan for how our trip will unfold.

We started our trip in Bali, one of other possibly 17000 Indonesian islands, special because of hosting a minority Hindu community here. After being in Bali, we will continue our trip to Java – the heart of Indonesian archipelago and another amazing blend of cultures. From Jakarta we will continue our trip to Singapore for a couple of weeks, as Singapore is one of the other biggest hubs for cultural blending (though not a muslim majority country, but still having a significant number of muslims). After two weeks of civilisation in Singapore we will descend deep into island of Sumatra with no expectations of what we might encounter there as this part of Indonesia is still a total mystery to us! We hope to finish discovering Indonesia in Aceh, the most western town of Indonesia and possibly the most different from where we started in Bali. From Aceh we will catch a flight to Malaysia and spend there a month. So, for the next three months our focus is South East Asia!

Browse our map to see where we are heading next (blue lines) and where we have already been (green points).

About region: Southeast Asia stretches from Myanmar (formerly Burma) to the Philippines. With their economic and cultural exchanges and their common religious heritage, the countries of the region are intimately linked. At the same time, ancient and contemporary objects from the area reveal a tremendous cultural diversity.

Traders and pilgrims from the Indian subcontinent brought their religion and their cultural baggage to the inhabitants of Southeast Asia. Firs came Hinduism, and Buddhism. Since the eleventh century Islam followed, eventually emerging as the dominant religion. With the arrival of the Europeans in the sixteenth century came Christianity. these new religions accommodated in different ways to the existing cultures, varying from place to place. In some cases a single element was adopted, elsewhere religions merged completely.


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