Presenting other M.A.D. projects: EMEL

We are not the only M.A.D. people who believe that cultural understanding between East and West should be promoted (the first focus of the M.A.D. project). Therefore within our blog we will not only talk about our experiences, but we will also tell about other projects that have the same vision, of course with the focus on art.

The first project we wish to present is a muslim lifestyle magazine EMEL that has set its vision “to promote a positive and confident message about the Muslim communities in the UK and beyond”. The magazine started to run in September 2003, after Sarah Joseph, now the editor of EMEL, found herself “firefighting” on behalf of British Muslims as tensions rose after the 11 September attacks. Sarah Joseph believes that it is important to encourage interfaith dialogue by simple means of education. Emel magazine is an easy and attractive way to get to know personal stories of Muslims in Britain and other countries: where do they work, what are their hobbies, how they deal with multiculturalism, how they decorate their house and what they have for breakfast, etc

Official website of EMEL magazine.

Some of the covers of EMEL magazine:



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