Presenting other M.A.D. people: Maher Zain

Maher Zain is a Muslim Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and producer of Lebanese origin. His debut album Thank you Allah was released on 13 of October 2009. He sings mainly in English, but also in Arabic, French, Turkish, Malay.

M.A.D. first “met” with Maher during our interview on Surabaya radio, when finished with all the talking the producer dedicated one of his songs to us.


What is so special and why we present this R&B singer on M.A.D.? Maher’s relation with music industry and how he decided “to bring something positive in it”, as he says in an interview to Canada based Muslim youth voices, is a good enough reason for us to label him M.A.D!

Tasting the “dream job” of producing worldwide famous artists and a possibility to break through for top popular scene together with RedOne, another producer from Sweden, at some point made Maher wonder whether all that glitter is what he really wants: “I loved the music but I hated everything that surrounded it, it always felt like something wasn’t right”. He eventually decided to leave music industry and moved from New York back home, to Stockholm.

With his departure from big industry, I guess, Maher did not think that his relationship with music is actually just starting… Eventually Maher Zain realised that music is part of his life, but maybe it has a better purpose than just bringing enjoyment for the audience. Each of Maher’s song has a message: whether it is peace in Palestine, message of humanity or message to his brothers and sisters in faith: “When I contacted the company Awakening, I told them that I don’t want to do only songs which people can enjoy, I want to have a message. It’s very important that I have a message. Like I said, music is about the content”.

We believe that with his music Maher Zain is making a difference, using his experience in producing popular music to bring purposeful message to the audience.


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