What happens when C.C. goes M.A.D.? A new partnership is born!

Discussing M.A.D. ideas

Since the arrival of the M.A.D. project in Kuala Lumpur we were in good hands of local organisation, Crescent Collective: they hooked us up with their impressive network of musicians, singers, contemporary artists and professionals, they got us to meet some of potential partners and spread the word of the M.A.D. couple in artistic circles of KL. And not to forget to mention: made sure we had the transportation, tasted all those local specialities (oh, that wonderful cake we indulged ourselves with!), gave us space in their offices and unlimited access to internet, and generally spammed our inboxes with dozens events going on in KL and ideas of how M.A.D. can get the M.A.D.est benefit out of the stay in Malaysia.

The M.A.D. couple, as we are called by the guys from Crescent Collective, became eternally overwhelmed by these guys and occasionally exhausted by a busy schedule they have prepared for us. Still wondering, who of us is more M.A.D.?

Our busy schedule

Crescent Collective is a non profit organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their motto says all you need to know about them: “Come as you are”. Open to anyone joining the group Crescent Collective strives to promote positiveness, peace and humanity. We, the M.A.D. couple, share similar vision and strive to achieve similar goals. No surprise, that we became partners. Partners? Maybe more like a family 🙂

After a productive meeting together at Arabic Academy Malaysia we put many M.A.D. ideas on the agenda in order to bring some of the best examples of arts and cultures of Malaysia to Europe. Definitely a great feeling of spending time with like minded people discussing worldly issues at 2 am.

Beware! M.A.D.ness is spreading!

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