Culture of resistance: Olive trees

Olive trees have a very special place in Palestinian culture: it is a vital source of income, it is a part of daily meal, it is symbol of peace, hope and prosperity. Many of the olive trees were witnesses to historical events as some of them count around 2000-3000 years. At the time of Israeli occupation, Olive trees also became a symbol of steadfastness of Palestinians – Sumud: as olive trees are deeply rooted in Palestinian land, so are Palestinians.

Israel government has been pursuing policy of cutting or uprooting olive trees in Palestine for what they claim are security reasons. As of now more than 1.2 million trees were destroyed since 1967. Moreover, Palestinian farmers face violent attacks from settlers who aim at preventing farmers to plant, take care or harvest the olive trees.

You can help the Palestinian cause by planting your own olive tree. Read more about great campaign and sponsor an olive tree just for few bucks here:

Olive trees resisting the occupation


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