Egyptian revolution gave birth to street art

Today is the official start of our research into “Egypt. Revolution. Art”. We strolled the streets of downtown Cairo and Zamalek island to document the numerous graffitis that appeared during and after the revolution. It is safe to say that before the revolution street art almost did not exist in Egypt.

We discovered that many of the graffitis were already painted over or “vandalized”, and not all the people were very welcoming of us taking so many photos. Our friends explained to us that this is due to big fear of foreign spies who might want to damage the fragile victory of the revolution. Well, we tried to be fast and not to look suspicious, which is difficult with two cameras in our hands 🙂

We knew where to look for numerous graffitis thanx to this brilliant website with the map.

Here, just a few photos out of 300 that we took today, stay tuned!

"I am free" - mural on the wall of the Art School

Funky soldier

"I am Egyptian" - says the tree

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance, Graffiti by Keizer

Eugenija, one of the M.A.D. couple. Strolling Zamalek streets


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