Egypt in colours

We met with Tamer and Shahira from a group Egypt in Colors مصر بالألوان, a company of fine art students that started their activities the day Hosni Mubarak stepped down. The idea of the group is to bring more colors and art to the streets of Cairo, especially to poorer areas, to boost self confidence of Egyptians by stenciling portraits of famous Egyptian personalities and to bring communities face-to-face or hand-to-brush with art experience.

“If we have to start the change, why don’t we start from the streets of Cairo and changing them into big open gallery for art and colours to add a cheerful, aesthetic and artistic mood to the normal street man. And then we thought not to do that alone what if the people in each neighborhood and street would share in that renovation process…wouldn’t that increase the idea and awareness towards beauty and art and introduce the culture of colours to the street?!”

Check their facebook page for more photos and videos!

With Tamer and Shahira


Group "Egypt in Colours" were painting portraits of prominent Egyptian personalities

Mural in one of the neighborhoods in Cairo

One of the first murals painted in El Maadi neighbourhood (courtesy of Egypt in Colours)

A grey wall is painted in El Maadi with the participation of all neighborhood (courtesy of Egypt in Colours)


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