the M.A.D. couple will tour with lectures in Europe

The first project of the M.A.D. Couple is about presenting a missing picture of the Muslim population of the world aiming at dismantling popularly spread stereotypes and misconceptions. This was the main reason why we decided to travel ourselves in such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, Palestine and Egypt and find out by ourselves how people live there. We also decided to focus on the arts more than anything else and use our findings to develop educational program.

Throughout our travel from May 2011 until February 2012 our interest was not limited to exploring arts and cultures related to Islam, but rather focus on artistic expression of people living in those countries, whether they are Muslims, Hindus, Christians, or non-faith-based groups. We shared some of the experiences on this blog, but our primary tool for presenting the Missing picture is to share our stories live and this is what we are working on now – to create lectures based on our experience and to deliver them to people in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania.

Within the frame of art and culture, we gonna invite high school students and general public to explore various themes that are relevant for the understanding of the Muslim World. Our presentations will include photos, videos, discussions, workshops about cultural understanding, breaking stereotypes and critical thinking, and even live talks with artists and professionals via video conferences (if it will be possible to arrange technically). We are preparing lectures that have one specific country or region in focus, but also lectures about a group of arts, like – visual arts, performing arts, etc.

We will keep you updated on the dates of the lectures and on the content of different topics. Stay tuned for more MADness.


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