Nusantara: Unity in Diversity

Nusantara literally means the outer island and today this term is used to describe territory that includes Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, Singapore, part of Thailand and the Philipinnes. These territories were united in its diversity under the rule of Majapahit empire in XIV century.

During our travel through Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia we witnessed the legacy of the uniting power of old empire: tolerance, peaceful coexistence and maintenance of respect, that were actively promoted and supported in XIV century, are still a distinct feature of the region today.

Nusantara is exceptionaly rich in cultures and arts, Indonesia alone being a home to around 300 distinct native ethnicities, for example. Within 5 fruitful months we tried to collect as many examples of different arts as we could, learning on the way how many of art forms are used to serve unity in diversity.

In this presentation we will present rich diversity of the Nusantara region through various examples of both traditional and contemporary arts, stories of artists with various religious backgrounds, and images from different parts of the region.


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