Egypt: art of the revolution

Egypt’s popular perception is that of grand pyramids standing in the desert, temples designed for numerous gods and goddesses, rich history of pharaohs and intriguing hieroglyphs colourfully scribbled on old papyrus.

During our stay in Egypt we looked at a totally different side of Egyptian art – the art of the revolution.

Since the start of the revolution in January 2011, the Egyptian art scene has literally exploded. From graffiti painters to comedians, artists are playing an important role in the ongoing revolution. For about a month we have met different artists in Cairo that keep challenging the social and political situation of their country and exploring vast potentials of contemporary art, blending it with well known Egyptian symbols and drawing inspiration from history.

This presentation will focus on the arts of these revolutionaries by telling their stories, showcasing their arts and transmitting their hopes for the future.

For the full list of all the lectures that the M.A.D. project is preparing based on its 8 months travel – look here.


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