Last hours of fundraising campaign

Only 16 hours left for our fundraising campaign and we must say – it has already been an amazing journey together with you on Facebook and Indiegogo! This is not only because now we will be able to fulfill our educational tour thanks to your generous contributions, but also because of your encouraging comments and messages, and your trust in the M.A.D. idea that you have expressed by supporting us. For all this – we are MADly grateful!

A little update on the upcoming educational tour. We have already confirmed lectures in Brussels (starting from 21st of March), in the Hague, Poznan (Poland) and Vilnius. We are waiting for confirmations from Cologne and Berlin in Germany, and we are quite sure to deliver many lectures in Denmark (both of us have worked there for couple of years in the education and development field).

We remember how less than a year ago we have been presenting the M.A.D. project idea for the first time and many people were skeptic, but agreed that this is indeed MAD :))) And here we are 8 months later, with a huge (tremendous, in fact!!!) amount of information we brought back from Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and Palestine, proving that MAD is possible. And with this fundraising campaign and your support we proved ourselves again that indeed – MAD is possible. This is an empowering feeling as we feel capable and confident to continue what we believe in. So thank you for empowering support!

A lesson to learn? You must be a little bit crazy, enough to be MAD and go for your dreams!


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