Mapping M.A.D. euro tour

It has been already one month and a half that we are on the road again. This time we go to different places in Europe and give talks based on our travel in Indonesia, Malaysia, Palestine and Egypt.

Here are the topics of our talks in the series “the Missing picture of Muslim societies through its arts and cultures”:

  1. Nusantara: unity in diversity
  2. Egypt: art of revolution
  3. Palestine: cultural resistance
  4. Performing arts
  5. Visual arts
  6. Islamic art
  7. Architecture of spiritual places
  8. Artivism: arts, cultures and activism
  9. Women in Muslim societies
  10. Architecture of occupation
  11. Art of no-MAD-ism

For full description of all the talks check our brochure HERE

And here is a little map with the places where we have already been and places we plan to visit soon! (click on the tags to learn more)

Don’t miss to hear our stories! Upcoming talks:

  • 1st-6th of May in Berlin, Germany
  • 7th-25th of May in Vilnius and Siauliai, Lithuania
  • 25th-27th of May in Paris, France
  • 28th May- 3rd June in Poznan, Poland

For more information you can contact us on


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