Become M.A.D.

Become M.A.D.With so many ideas to become reality, so many possible projects and events to happen, we need some other M.A.D. people to join us! Therefore, we are hosting a meeting about the M.A.D. project hoping to attract new members.

We will present what the M.A.D. project is about, what has been done so far, what are the plans for the future and how anyone can become part of it.

A brief reminder: The M.A.D. project is a non-governmental association that seeks to foster curiosity and understanding on regions and ethnic or religious groups whose image has been reduced to one single story by negative or distorted coverage in mainstream medias, which, in its turn, contributes to stereotyping, categorisations, misunderstandings, exclusion and in worst case – violence. We use non-formal education as a main tool to convey message of our shared humanity, peace and social justice.

We will meet in student hub Studenterhuset (Købmagergade 52, 1150 København K; it’s next to the round tower of Copenhagen), on the second floor, room named “Kupéen”. The event is open to anyone, but you can also register to the event on facebook or send us an email to (we just want to predict the number of people coming). Hope to see you there!


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