The Missing Picture

Christians and MuslimsOne of the M.A.D. project’s aims is to present the missing picture of the Muslim World that mainstream media often chooses to omit giving preferences to horrifying headlines generating stories of Muslim cruelty or otherness. One of such issues is the relationship between Muslims and Christians, or, in fact, any other faith. Mainstream media focuses on showcasing the conflicts and especially bloody events between religious communities, using such images to reinforce the representation of Muslims as alien to the Western world. Conflicts between communities do exist, indeed, but it has to be acknowledged that they are often triggered by geopolitical strategies either from within or from outside, thus religious identities being used conveniently to divide groups into enemies and further political agendas under the banner of religion. Unfortunately, such geopolitical, social and historical complexities is one of the first things that corporate medias deliberately miss to explore and point out. We are only shown the tip of the iceberg, whereas the reality is far more complex. The same medias also turn a blind eye to the expressions of solidarity and coexistence that have been existing for centuries in the Middle East, South East Asia or Africa.

If this picture is exceptional for a large number of Westerners, for the other part of the world it is simply a common manifestation of togetherness and brotherhood despite political turmoil.


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